The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I've been following lovely Megan's 100 Day Fitness Challenge - not doing the fitness as I already workout but am always interested in the food advice as eating right for your body, lifestyle, age etc. is crucial.
I gave up meat a few months ago because of many reasons but mostly because I hated the fact that I was one of those people who got so upset when I watched Fast Food Nation or saw or read anything about the goings on in abbatoirs but then erased it from my mind when I tucked into a Sunday roast dinner.
Now when I pass a truck that says LIVE ANIMALS on the motorway, (the ones without windows and you know they are stuffed in there on their way to hell) I at least no that I am not part of that anymore. Nor do I contribute to exploiting underpaid illegal immigrants who have to do this job. Did you know that 83% of arable land in the US is used to grow crops to feel the meat industry? When half of the undeveloped world is underfed?

Anyway, I don't want to preach (sorry can't help it feel passionate about this) but please go to my site and see the trailer for the latest film entitled Food Inc. about the US food industry which is killing us.

It's called concious eating: knowing where your food comes from; what has gone into it and whether anyone or anything has suffered because of it.

Books to read, Quantum Wellness, Kathy Freston, In Defence of Food Michael Pollan.

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