The 100 Day Reality Challenge

".....learning achieved by students is generally superficial and largely decontextual from student experience and,life of the community. In other words, it is inauthentic learning, superficial learning, fake learning, make believe learning, rather than something that intrinsically adds value to students' lives and prepares them for responsible adulthood. Schools continue to go about the business of learning-the primary work of the school- as though it was simple or primarily an intellectual endeavor of absorbing prepackages material, rather than a profoundly moral work that calls upon the full humanity of teachers and students for it's realization. (Buzelli and Johnstone.2002, Foster, 1986, Hargreaves, 2003. Staratt, 2003).

After a while, students come to an increasingly ambivalent and disillusioned understanding that the learning required of them has to do with an academic body of knowledge 'out there somewhere' that someone- this ambiguous thing called the state or the future, orther job market or the adult world- requires them to study and figure out well enough to pass quizzes and tests, knowledge that is almost entirely removed from the realities they experience outside the school. Learning is reduced to getting the right answers to someone else's questions."
Excerpt from
Ethical Leadership
Robert J. Starratt

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Comment by crystalspirit on June 6, 2009 at 5:31am
Totally agree!!!!

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