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I was hurt really bad from people who are close to me. I always had learn it's best to forgive and move on. But what these people had done was beyond what I could forgive. So I have gone months hating them wanting revenge. But I realize that is not the way to go and it was hurting me. Last night I forgave them and prayed for them. It was the best thing I have done lately. It felt wonderful to let go of all that negativity. If you have a situation like that in your life please do what I did, you will feel much better for it. Peace and happiness, Jeannie

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Comment by Laurie on February 28, 2009 at 11:47am
I was in a similiar situation. I have forgiven them. There are days that I can't forget so I just breathe and ride the wave of feeling till it is gone. Sometimes the river runs deep. So just remember you are beautiful and no one can take your power unless you let them.

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