The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Foster caring saga- disappointment and hope

Today is day 78.
At the start of this season we had been told by social workers that we were certain to be placed with two children- brother and sister, who needed a family. They were with an older (60ish) foster carer and their social worker hinted that he didn't feel this carer was meeting the kids' needs. By the time the youngest was a teenager the carer would be in her 70s. So I was thinking this was almost certainly going to happen.
Well I was wrong- in the end the panel decided it was far cheaper to keep the kids where they are (we foster through an agency so we cost more to the council than their in house carers, but we get much better support and training) oddly enough I wasn't too disappointed, I knew we would find the right child to come and live with us.
As I write this, we have been matched with another child who is 9- I'd love to tell you all about her but I'm worried about her confidentiality. She sounds like a bright, feisty, determined little person who is sometimes too clever for the adults around her (it makes me sooo angry when adults think a child is 'too' intelligent, because they ask questions and challenge rather than do as their told- isn't that a good thing? Haha, I may change my tune in a years time.) if all goes to plan she'll come over for overnight visits in April and come to live with us in May.

In this past 78 days I've been through all kinds of emotional ups and downs around work and self-acceptance. I feel that I'm being 'prepared' for this new task in some way. I've been using reiki and crystals to heal all the crap that's rising up. If I get chance I'll put it in the blog.

Wishing you all every one of your hearts desires granted...

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