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Freakin out! Health issue Season 2, Day?

Hello Co-creators -
Found out my blood test results today. NOT AT ALL what I expected. I had just assumed it was a imbalance of hormones - well - it's the THYROID. WHAT??? How can that be? I don't have any of the typical symptoms - until I read about HYPER thyroidism. I have almost every symptom. That explains why I am so tired at night. SO if anyone has any all natural tips/suggestions - BRING 'em ON! I DO NOT LIKE TO TAKE PILLS!!!

Run - Yes, I logged 2.5 miles today
Meditate - 0 minutes
Money - donated 10% - YEA!!!
Clients - took the day off
Juicing - 0

Needing some hugs - major!


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Comment by Karla on January 30, 2009 at 7:13pm
Thanks, Maggie!

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