The 100 Day Reality Challenge

What I did well today:

  1. Got some work done even though my back is injured.
  2. Got some groceries and made sarmies for dinner everyone loved.
  3. Ensures the kids and I are washed and teeth brushed for bedtime.

I am grateful for:

  1. Oumatjie’s help and playing with the kids.
  2. L’s help with cleaning and the kids.
  3. M’s help in the garden.
  4. R working hard and providing for us.
  5. Physio session for my injured back.
  6. Being able to rest and take it easier today.
  7. Fire to warm up the lounge.
  8. My friends L and V who care for me and who inspire me.
  9. A coming to shop with me. A telling me he loves me and giving me a kiss.
  10. N’s joy when she sees me, her intense willpower, kissing me better, and her divine cuddles.

I wish for, attract, believe, gratefully receive:

  1. A healed heart: Deep and complete self love and self belief!
  2. A healed back and starting physical exercise and rejuvenation.
  3. The perfect healer massage therapist for me.
  4. Amazing loving help with my kids.
  5. Amazing loving school miracle for my kids.
  6. The courage to disect, organise and create my own amazing, delicious, brilliant, wonderful business.
  7. Money love and care.
  8. Completed tax return, money back,and a bookkeeper I can trust.
  9. Clarity about my worth and my future.
  10. Positive Faith: Belief in love, myself, in the good, in hope, in healing, in making a difference, in safety, security, abundance.


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