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I’ve always been curious about Spirituality, when I was younger I remember looking up at the sky staring at the stars and wondering what was out there. I’m now 43 and still wonder, but I let life, work, and family obligations interfere with my need to understand. This may be one of the reasons why sometimes I feel lonely and isolated even though I am constantly surrounded by people and chaos. In the past I felt empty, and started filling myself full of unhealthy food, I now know that what I really needed was spiritual nourishing. There are times now when I still feel empty and reach for a carton of ice cream or handful of chocolate to fill myself up, it is a hard habit to break, but lately I’ve tried to savor the moment, really tasting the chocolate, letting it last a little bit longer, it helps me from consuming an entire bag.


For me meditation has been my nourishment. I try to take time each morning to meditate, sometimes I will also take a few minutes in the evening as well. Meditation is a way for me to quiet my mind, to listen to my body, the sounds of nature, and sometimes my intuition. When I was working at a company that was incredibly stressful I stopped meditating, not because I chose to, but because I was too exhausted mentally to do so. I didn’t realize that during this time meditation was exactly what I needed. The first time I meditated I feel asleep, but I tried again the next day, and the next day, until eventually I was able to stay awake and all the ‘chatter’ in my mind quieted, and I started to notice a difference in my attitude, I was more positive, my sense of gratitude increased, and I just generally felt better. I realize that there are other paths that I can take to fill my soul with spiritual nourishment, however, right now meditation is what I am craving. 

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Comment by Maree Schena on March 31, 2014 at 8:54pm

Hey Patty, looks like we are on the same day in our challenges!

I am including meditation in this challenge too.  I am easily distracted, so I've chosen a short, guided meditation to (try!) keep me on track.  You sound like you are having a lot of success with your meditation - keep going!

Have a great day, Maree

Comment by Sunny Side Up on March 31, 2014 at 2:27pm

I am glad to read this. I, too, understand the benefits of meditation but it is so hard for me to make it a daily practice. I had my best luck during my first season. I probably made the most progress then with feeling differently about myself and my life. I remember that I cried during the first time I did a mantra meditation. It was so powerful. Meditation does ground me, but when I most need it, that is when I am least able to do it! I hope that you can make meditation part of your daily routine and I hope I can too! To us! :) Sending love and light...


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