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I don't know how many people discuss this. That's why I decided to. I think as a man I feel a kind of energy that women don't understand. It's that rough energy that you can feel but you don't know where to put it. When you find yourself with a mass of energy within you and you can't decide where to put it, it seems to lash out at any opportunity it can. Whether it be through sex, sport, an argument, or needs to come out. 

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Comment by Samuel Caban on September 20, 2011 at 11:58pm

Thanks for the comments...hashing back and forth about this stuff is fun for me. 

The post is REALLY about contained energy. It's about the release of said energy...and does mostly apply to men. But really when people are frustrated at absolutely nothing, I know it's because they have an energy within that needs to be released. I'm not painting anything in a bad light...I AM saying that it (that energy) has to come out. I'm not opting for negative ways to release it...but If you don't decide how it gets will find a way without you. Give it direction. (As a side note, I practice martial arts as a sport and do enjoy it as it keeps me healthy, strong, and grounded to reality.)


I write about the rough patches in my life because I like to keep the blog as real as possible. But don't for a second think that I hate my life or that I encounter these bad situations every day of my life. I offer them forth for those that may find the same situations I do and so they may course correct. I also think my blog comes off rough because I swear like a sailor, which I tend to like.



Do I believe in the law of attraction?

Yes. And No.


I do believe that a human being gravitates toward certain events and situations based on how they feel on a regular basis. (Look into "reticular activating system") But with all due respect, I do think that the argument about attracting every bad thing (or good thing) in my life is a bit ridiculous. If that were the case I'd be crying a river blaming myself over every time I bump my toe or when I lose five bucks. Certainly you could not convince me that the youth of america with bad parents attracted these people in their lives. You couldn't tell me a guy with a positive life outlook never died when it seemed too early to go or that a man of bad morality never got a reward he was undeserving of.


I believe in controlling your overall attitude and outlook. But simple things like lack of contact with people, bad diet, lack of exercise, and other PHYSICAL content can place influence on the way you feel. Which can influence the action you take. Being aware of this can allow you to change the direction of these feelings quickly. If I "attracted" my mood in the morning it was most likely due to how I treated my body the prior day...but the post was not about how I got's about how to get out. Simple physical action. Removing the mind from the equation and becoming more present in the moment with physical and healthy movement.


Once again...Thanks for the responses and fell free to continue the discussion if you'd like.








Comment by Jill on September 16, 2011 at 6:24pm

Samuel, "It is of my opinion"...First of all you are forgetting one very important component when it come to the matters of the LAW, "you attract every single thing/event etc into your reality". You are the creator of it all. No one else is creating all this "crap,shit etc" as you call it. I read several of your writings at the link you provided. You are the center of it all. When someone lies to attracted the lie. When you woke up fxxxing pissed off you attracted that too. There is no fairly hovering over you with pixie dust causing all of this in your life. Its you. Plain and simple, its you creating all of it. This is how your reality will continue to be until you "change your mind".

Yes, all that bottled up energy is all creating it. Somewhere in all of this chaos you have created for yourself is a lesson. Only you can figure out what the lesson is.

Your words: "We just tend to take a negative path when chasing these feelings."

This is where we have a choice....IF you throw all your energy into SEX, SPORTS or Violence...this is your choice.


Love and Light, Jilly

Comment by Blossoming Beauty on September 15, 2011 at 7:30pm

Interesting take on things Samuel.  Once I read the entire blog, totally understood what you were saying.  Happiness is, having something or is it someway you CAN release that energy.  Dunno that I'd opt for the violence or arguements etc sorta ventures, but that is just me..and my path, everyone has their own way. 

Do you ever wonder, where that energy actually came/comes from?  Or do you just feel like it's part of being a male?  and you accept it as part of being male?  It's the aggressiveness that I think you're talking about?!?!? Anyway...interesting topic...


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