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Funny People (The Movie) & Coffee Day - April 1/10 - Day 24 Of Season 1

Hi everyone:

Wow today was one of those strange days for me (again). It felt like I was going back in time. My parents own a coffee shop, and many years back I had worked there full time. Today my mom had asked me to work for her as she had to go to a funeral. I couldn't say no even if I had wanted to because she has helped me so much throughout the years. So this was a small way of repaying her. Anyhow it felt so odd standing behind the counter again, and serving customers. Odd only because I haven't done the job in so long, and was basically thrown back in. It brought back

a lot of memories. I remember it was really hard for me to work there so many years it wasn't my dream job...and often I would dread going in. I think what got me through that time period was a customer who I happened to have a huge crush on...we connected through email....but it didn't lead to anything much. Although I remember he was what made the days bareable. In some ways when I look back it's as if God or the Universe had sent him there at that time just to help me get through that time period. Plus I guess the job taught me that sometimes you have to do the hard physical work along with customer service to get paid. And that every dollar you made, or got in tips was one you should spend wisely...not really sure if that stuck to my head Anyhow today I found it funny how I recognized a lot of customers, and some remembered me.....and some now so much. To see how the regular customers changed was really neat too. I also thought to myself, wow time really flies.....

After much rest from being exhausted from the day, I watched FUNNY PEOPLE which starrred Adam Sandler. I heard some bad reviews from friends....but I actually quite liked it. The moral of the movie was basically to not let time slip by (and to do the things you really love), and to truly embrace the people that you love. Also even with all the money in the world it won't make you happy unless you are with the ones you love, and are sharing your sucess with them or around them. It's not the funniest movie, but it really struck a chord with me because it dealt a lot with relationship issues between friends, co-workers, love interests, and with family. I wish sometimes that all the people I come in contact with me knew how to love better, and to not take each other for granted. I see people forget about others people's and it just kills me.

Anyhow I just wanted to share that with each experience, we can grow & learn from it.

Hope you all have an amazing long weekend & great CCOR Days!!

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Comment by sunshine on April 2, 2010 at 3:57am
I haven't seen that movie because like you I had only heard bad reviews. But it sounds interesting. I might go rent it over the easter weekend :) I really understand you when you say that you wish people you came in contact with really knew how to love better. Sometimes I feel too like people should realize what a blessing it is to have great people around them and not to keep pushing them away or taking them for granted. But I really feel like since I am actively practising the loa I am attracting more like minded people into my life. What is really interesting is that the negative people have distanced themselves (for various "reasons") and the positive have become closer friends. Ultimately I realize it is for the best that way because I am on such a happier frequency now. Thanks for posting this, it really made me aware of a few things again.
I wish you a wonderful weekend filled with joy and sunshine!

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