The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Today I've been looking at tools to help with manifestation.  Through this 100 day journey I plan to spend some time focusing on each tool and work on making them habits.  I think by creating new habits I can eliminate the old and make manifesting much easier for myself.


Speaking of easy manifesting - or more driftwood.  I was flipping through the channels last night as I was getting ready for bed and a show about winning the lottery came on.  I enjoy watching shows where abundance is evident so I left it on.  Just as my husband came to bed, a woman showed the power of intention by writing an amount of money on a piece of paper and putting it under her pillow.  Coupled that with positive thoughts and intentions and then it hit - for the exact amount she had written on the paper.  Perfect opportunity for us to discuss LoA - and HE started the conversation.  He admitted that if he wants things to get better he has to stop letting the bad things bother him.  It really ended the night on a positive and hopeful note.


Because of last night, I have decided that the first tool I am really going to make a habit is morning and evening gratitude and focus.  I try to do this now, along with setting intentions for the day, before getting out of bed - but I'm not consistent with it at all.  So my focus will be to close each evening with a few moments of reflection - remembering the negatives of the day and forgiving myself - then searching for the positives within them.  Then some time being thankful for everything I have and then finally closing with some meditation and visualization to hand over my desires to the universe before I go to sleep.  Then, in the morning, being sure to be thankful for the new day and setting my intentions for the day before getting out of bed. 


 Its only Tuesday - my 100 days doesn't start until Friday - but I am getting excited.

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