The 100 Day Reality Challenge

General update + father and food stuff :)

Day 48, Season 2

Hey positive people! :)

I hope you are doing great. I know, I am not writing that much lately, but that doesn't mean that I am not doing the challenge. I am more positive and optimistic than ever. I am still doing mirror work, I am trying to eat as healthy as I can and trying to make my dreams come true. 

Things are improving. My partner and I have new clients and we are so happy about that. All the meetings were quite successful. My partner gets quite nervous from time to time, but he must realise that things take time - especially new businesses. I am starting my own personal project which I am very passionate about. I feel very optimistic about it.

I got some more extra money and decide to rearrange my garden. It will be a proper organic veggie, fruit and herb garden. I love the fact that my partner is willing to help me with everything (I am not so good with wood work, haha).

Most of the time I'm spending with my sons, outside. It's so sunny and warm (and it was cold and snowing a few weeks ago!). I cherish every minute with them, they truly are perfect.

Things with my dad are getting A LITTLE better. When he is trying to be mean to me, I ask him if he feels better when he insults people. He usually stops and doesn't say anything. I once told him that I feel he doesn't love me enough. He said that I am silly and that's not true at all. I said, that when he starts being insulting, it only makes me feel worse, it doesn't make me want to change (for his sake) and I only hold a grudge. I hope he'll get it soon. I've decided to say that to him every time he starts being annoying. Maybe it will help. On the other hand, I've noticed that he is similar to a lot of people... Thank you all the nice things you wrote regarding my previous blog post. You made me feel much better.

When I am stressed out because of him (or something else), I really want to eat. Bad things. Sugar, gluten, "junk" (not mcdonlads junk, because that's not food, but nice cheese and mayo sandwiches :P). I am very proud of my new "mantra". When I go to the fridge I say to myself:"Is this what I want for my body and mind? is it worth it?" I always say NO and have a nice veggie or protein snack. :)

I also have this funny feeling, that I will get quite a big sum of money soon. I will let you know :) If I do, I will donate some to this wonderful website.

That's all for today!

I hope you are all well

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Comment by Heather Marie on March 15, 2014 at 1:31am

I'm so glad things are coming together for you....the mirror work must be fun. I think I want to do Mirror work love....thank you for expanding my thoughts! Love and light Heather

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