The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I'm getting into the groove of things. The business I'm building is going well and I'm starting to get into a schedule that works for me.
I've been opening up to the idea of getting into the groove. Sometimes we tend to fight with the things we are trying to manifest in our lives and it just creates more lack of that thing we want. Getting into the groove to me is settling into the place where your manifestations live. For me it's been a journey of figuring out how to get into that groove but I was able to take a step back and start to ask the universe for a way to do it. I always think it's important to know when you're stuck and then try and find the most basic of things that you are looking for and focus on that. When we focus on the basics we are able to remove ourselves more from our desires and be in tune with who we really are, a collection of experiences that tells a story in living form. If we didn't have our trials and hurdles to get over then we would not be as strong and focused as we are right now.

I urge you all to take some time to sit and contemplate what your desires, dreams and even blocks are. Make sure to write them down on paper. As you are writing give gratitude to your higher self for allowing you to remove them from yourself, giving you the chance to release them and gain new desires. Getting these thoughts out of our heads are an important step to removing ourselves from them. Once we remove them from ourselves we are able to release them and let them go. When it comes to our desires and dreams this allows them to flow to us because we are vibrating at their level and when it comes to our blocks it allows our higher self to realize we are no longer in need of these things as they no longer vibrate to our higher nature.

This is best done daily but even if you do it once you will see the benefit almost immediately. Allow yourself to create this habit as a part of your daily life whether it be for 5 minutes or an hour.

We are all here to take some more time for ourselves which I didn't learn for a long while. Take some time for yourself and watch the magic happen.

Peace, light and love!

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Comment by julie staub on April 20, 2010 at 9:39am
chris! this is so wonderful to read!!! i LOVE hearing about YOU in the GROOVE! i totally get that! and this season i started to not just notice the signs, but ask for help knowing i would be guided to the right answers! life really is harmonious that way! i know what works in my life...just need to focus on that way of BEING 24/7...lose the resistance.
you are a wonderful teacher to us all chris!!! and i THANK YOU for sharing your experience bc it really does benefit us all!!! this is a powerful exercise and i will print this out and do it myself!!! sending good vibrations your way!!!!
love &

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