The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Sometimes, I admit...I push a little to get  my grid to fill in. This push creates a tension…that rubs on my ribs and slows my breathe.

I know the grid of where I am going is filling in, I know that it is a perfect balance of all the necessary elements: Fun, doing good karma in the world, collaboration, celebration, luxury, creative expression,

I know its time to get my hours in and I will do so in a super easy relaxed and creative way that is lucrative and conducive to my lifestyle.

 I intend to feel that I am expressing my creative highest self in all my glory and full expression, and I see many enjoying the fruits of my heart; brings people together.

(RANDOM THOUGHT: T Shirt Company? Cool quotes…remember?)

I feel satisfied.

 I write professionally ( kids/adults/journals) and stories/novels.  I am a published writer already, the book is right on my fingertips.

I laugh at work, I love my co workers, we share a beautiful mission, we delight in making the world a better place, we love our world. We are rich.

I am an artist. I am a magician.

I make art with everyone at work, we sell it, show it, and throw events, food events, music, dancing wine events, we make money for our agency and we have a blast. We are a huge success.

I imagine no boundaries.

I love how I have co -created so much in the past, I know that I can co-create anything, I can draw it to me with the law of attraction, The universe and I work together to attract to me what it is in my heart, my truth.

My scientific brain takes over and everything run so smoothly like a well-oiled machine, expression feels great.


I brought myself, coming home to Cali from Hawaii, dad’s house, going to Hawaii, the house in ewa, grad school, roomates in Oakland, going to costa, moving to SC, jobs x3, BF x1. And NOW I am at it again.,..only the recipe that I am looking at now,..,.is from another place because what it asks a lot of is peace and space and relax and trust for the universe and meditation practice.  This is a challenge to understand. Rather than squishing everything in with coffee. This is saying…breathe more than you think, am and pm and noon too. This is your medicine.  Prayer is very important, talking to god and allowing that connection to be a precedent in my day. And then some analytical, fun, humanitarian, creative.

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Comment by Heather Marie on May 28, 2015 at 12:43am
Reading this made me smile thanks for sharing!
Comment by Let there be Light on May 24, 2015 at 4:23pm

Hello Steffie!

"only the recipe that I am looking at now,..,.is from another place" = THE HEART, girl, THE HEART...<3

hahaha ;D

I'm so glad to have your words as such a powerful positive picture...Also, you are IN the journey: this makes your path even more powerful. Your grid feels awesome from what I get with the words. Remember we are still in the journey through the movements our thoughts and emotions make in any direction (good, bad, uncertain, confident)... That's why breathing is such an awesome medicine. You go, girl! \o/



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