The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Recently I've been feeling that I'm more and more guided in every way!

This is awesome because when I try to solve something or when I'm struggling, I just let it go to the universe praying in my heart like"I donno how to do this or even what I should consider about. please help! Thanx! with big love from yae"

Its like small children ask their trusted adults what they want when they cannot handle by themselves. I got more and more good at it hehe! Now I don't solve any trouble on my own, because I have a trusty all mighty friend! so proud of that ;)

As I have been guided, it's been more specific about what I should think about, what I should avoid, how to keep myself centered and cleared from energy around me or what action I should take now.

Although I didn't like to do meditate(I know I should but it was difficult for me somehow!!!), through the guide I have been follow, I naturally wanted to start meditation yesterday. It was like only 5 or 6 mins long. But I felt great! Finally I started meditation!!!! WITHOUT ANY EFFORT OR STRUGGLING XD This may sounds strange but it really is a big change for me and I'm sooo happy about it. And I know doing meditation regularly (I'm going to do in the morning and in the evening in my bed) makes my manifestation to come much much faster. 

One of my goal is to start my own business. It's been my dream since I was in high school. Thanks to Lilou, and other beautiful powerful women who are role models to me, my images about getting my own business is getting more and more clear and concrete.

I'm taking Sonia Choquette's online course "Creating Your Heart Desire". This is a great course that I would recommend to anyone who likes spiritual and wanting to create better future. She's such an great role model for me, she always looks soo happy about what she's doing! And yeah that's what I want! :) I feel so blessed that we have so many powerful women in business and in spiritual and both!! world now. If you have a good role model you want to be, your dream come true much faster than you don't.

Also, I' ve found another great powerful business and spiritual woman. Marie Forleo.

She's so generous and so good at running a business! And again, she also looks soooo happy too. Yeah that's the key ;)

What she teaches me is very very concrete way to get closer to my dream. And it's for free now.

Since I've so inspired and impressed, if you want to start your own business,especially you are woman, and you are interested in online business, please please take a look at her free video website and you'll know why I admire her.

She's teaching us business tips for free there. Amazing. I just want to share this because I think it great content. I don't get any advantage introducing her here:)

I attracted countless information, two like minded friends( I've been craving for this since I was in a kinder garden!!), many ideas, and specific step I should follow right now.

I hope I can record all these here but its a bit difficult for me so I'm writing as much as I can.

Hahhhh life is great. I feel so alive these days. Isn't that amazing? :)

Today I felt my left eye was sore so much, but then I thought this is a chance to use law of attraction! I can fix it by focusing on my perfect health. And now, it got better! and I know it will be completely fixed in any day.

(I didnt go to doctor because I know this is one of the symptom from my seasonal allergy.)

I'll try to write more often here from now. because there will be so much to write about ! ;)

Happy Day♪ Happy Creation♪

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