The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Getting rid of the little demon on my shoulder......

I’m in the process of developing a self-development program that I want to launch in January 2011.

It’s all about helping people to finally succeed in successfully manifesting their New Years resolutions and create a better life for themselves.

I started of really passionate but after a while I didn’t follow through.

I have this little red demon on my shoulder whispering doubtful things in my ears like “Who is waiting for me to do this” and “Who am I to want to teach people about making their life a success” etc.

So today, looking for inspiration, I took a dive into my ‘Vortex of Inspiration’ (being my audio- and video material on Abraham - channelled by Esther Hicks, and Bashar - channelled by Daryl Anka

YES!!! Now I can feel my juices flowing again J.

I came to understand that I have to allow myself to recognize that I am ready to teach this even if my own life is not a fairytale success story to serve as an example.

I have to simply trust that the individuals I will attract will only need my skills to be as they are right now.
And therefore, they will get everything I have to offer, and they will get everything they need to get out of it.

Level attracts to like level.
So I don't need to be any more prepared than I already am.

I came to understand that the hesitation that I have is the fear that is generated by the lack of recognition that my ability to desire to do something is my ability to do that thing, to manifest that thing.

And that if I didn't have the ability to do it, I would not be capable of experiencing the desire to do it.

If I have the desire, I have the ability.

I have to trust that and act upon that.

And I will see and attract into my life only those individuals and only those circumstances and situations that will be representative of whatever level I am willing to believe I can express myself in.

It is that simple.

It is that easy.

I have to act upon what I know I am capable of acting upon, and everything
will fall into place and bring to me more and more opportunity, that will give me more capability to attract more opportunity, to give me more capability and on and on and on and on and on and on.

And it will never stop.

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