The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Giving a miracle to my miracle dog and myself!

I just tried a no-pull dog harness today for my rescue dog who hasn't had previous training and he's a rambunctious 11 month old boxer. We've gotten good at the walks but when he sees another dog he tries everything to meet the other dog and it takes everything I have to hold him back. Not a good situation for either one of us.

The no-pull harness has the leash clip located at the chest and stops the dog's natural instinct to pull as there's no tugging on the neck or chest. So on our walk tonight, meeting up with other dogs, there was no pulling what-so-ever and no jumping or even barking! It was if all the tension had disappeared and he just watched the other dogs and then just continued on. It was our best walk yet and absolute pleasure! That was one of the nicest miracles! Thanks Universe!

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