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 Thhis is Season 7 Day 27  I thoughtI would share my goals and Intentions

 My main Goals is to Lose weight I want to lose about 10 pounds a month between 8- 10 pounds per monthe

 So I hope to be around 140 pounds by the ebd of this season  July 26th 2014h  My Ultimate goal is to be

126 pounds by September 26th 2014   ..  I have joined TOPS and I get weighed weekly..  I bought myself a Magic Bullet for Smoothies..  I have increased my healthy foods  like fruit salds and Veggies..  I will  increae my water  and drink   more Herbal Tea  with Lemon..  I  may still  have the odd  bad food once or twice per week  like fries  or popcorn

like fish and chips  or a burger.. However  I will  go to the GYM   4 times a week  and exercise 2-3  hours  4 times a wekk.  I will  wLK IN THE MALL  AND ON THE BOARDWALK.  Also,  I will  do Zumba  Monday Wednesday  and Friday  and a Step Class  on those Days..  Also on the weekend  I will do the Jillian Micheal's  Body Shed Class..   I will  continue to leard about heelathy eating  and I will  preplan  all my meals a month in advance.  I totally gave up potatoe chips  and pop  with the odd exception of pop.. EX  Going to a movie..

 I will clean and organize  let go  or sell  stuff  that no longer serves  me..  I will  clean my car  and my apartment.    I want to Look  and feel  very good..  I will attract  healthy fun positive people in my life  who I love  and they love me  for my Highest Good!!   I will go to movies, go Dancing, and sleep more!! 

I will attract a Keurig coffee maker, a new plush area carpet, a smart phone  already done..  I will also bring my tablet back  and get fixed today!!   I will enjoy the Spring  and summer.. 

I intend to manifest  a new patio set  and a lounger  for my deck  so I can rest have friends over for a BBQ  and Suntan..  I will visit  my mmother  and take her out  for breakfast..  I intend to manifest  and extra  $  5oo per month..   I will  get my hair and nails done  to look fabulous ..  I will also manifest  new Sexy Glasses, new furniture..  and new stylish clothes..  I will  be disciplined  relaxed learn grow  and attract my true Life Purpose  heal  and enjoy  the Spring  and Summer!!!

  I hope to attract  True Love  Prosperity  and pack and Move into a beautiful  MODERN BRIGHT new 4 bedroom  home in a nice area 2000 sq feet  sunny clean bright  near shopping dancing  with a pool sauna and Jacuzzi e  nice view  with AC  and walk in closets free phone, internet  free cable safe fun bright nice color nice plush carpeting walk in closets big windows  and air conditioning  and ceiling fans   HELP to move for FREE   Big storage unit  BBQ  Tan  nice view of the Water   Wash Car there  plug ins all Inclusive   spacious kitchen  and deck  facing  East South  and West..   I also manifest  many fun  Trips I love  and enjoy Biking!! True Love marriage  and money  good health welath  and travel  and a SUV  with a Sunroof  


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Comment by kelly on April 7, 2014 at 5:24pm

thanks  I manifested a cute little apartment  water view  I am downsizing for now  While I was wring this blog  I got a call about an apartment..   Still  eating healthy  and exercising  I do to do my income tax  and get movers  and get all  costs  done..  I want to manifest  AN A NICE AREA CARPET  CEILING FANS  i WANT SOMEOONE TO PUT IT UP..   i PRAY ALL IS WELL  kEEP ME IN YOUR PRAYERS  hUGS  kELL

Comment by Finally Famous, No Ceilings on April 5, 2014 at 10:42am

Woo hoo for your season seven! How amazing for you to manifest these things this season. I am in season seven as well. Think i should add more detail to my list. Your sumner sounds so fun, any beach visits also? Do it girl! 

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