The 100 Day Reality Challenge

 I am working towards getting me and my cousins book, Adventures On Crowded Alley, published. And there is one person that has helped me imensly in the making of our book to be published. His name is Peter Wallenberg. And the municipality has paid for a reader to check the things that needs to be changed in my book. And I am going to host a charity event. Where there will be possible sponsors. I am going to give all of the money that is my part of what we make for selling the book. To kids and youth with autism and simialar diagnosis. We have already asked a restaurant here in Eksjo for help. And they are going to help us with a conference room. They will also help us with the staff and the food for free.

Yesterday I made a phone call to the person that is going to help me send letters to different foundations. And ask them for help. And we have set a date for a meeting. It will be in Mars.  So there's progress! :)

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Comment by Anna on February 21, 2015 at 4:36am

Thank you so much Nature Lover!

Comment by NATURE LOVER on February 20, 2015 at 10:26am

Hi Anna !

It's good to see that help is on the way for you !  

Have a peaceful day !

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