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Good Morning & Lots Of Love To My Fellow Co-Creators From New Zealand !!!!!

Good morning fellow co-creators its a lovely Sunday morning here in Christchurch New Zealand I love the Spring weather we are preparing for a warm Summer YYYYYYYYYYYYYes !!!! Its another day of gratitude and being grateful for All of my blessings. My colleage at work had family members die in the tsunami in Samoa this past week and another friend lost family in Tonga so sad, I'm grateful that I have been able to be there for my friends and help support these families. Sometimes I am reminded about what is IMPORTANT in life People People People !!!! I have posted an Event in the event section to catch up with fellow co-creators for lunch in London if you are free 3.01.2010 venue to be decided please leave a message if you are available and have venue ideas .Blessings of love joy peace hope abundance & gratitude to you all BBBBig hugs Arohanui SoniaJ xx

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