The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I usually write this all down in my journal, but it's upstairs in my bedroom where hubby is trying to go to sleep, so i'll just write it all here!

I am so grateful for:
my healthy fit body
my healthy and happy kiddos
my wonderful hubby
my big beautiful house
our stable jobs
being abundant and positive every day

Today's intentions are:
yoga & 100 sit ups
take the kids swimming
finish emily's pettiskirt
start other orders
crochet a bit
eat healthy
be a positive and fun mommy and wifey

it's sunday and we are just going to relax today! we've been at our beach house since thurs and i guess i'm still in relax mode! i do need to clean out my car and vac all the sand out of it, but i'm NOT going to stress over it if it doesn't get done today!

enjoy your sunday!!!

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