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Grandma Ruby and her Christmas trees... Day 8/Season 4

My Grandma Ruby always had "unique" Christmas trees. I remember going over to her house this time of year JUST to see her trees. Her tree was the first white tree I'd ever seen. Soon after her tree was the first silver tree I'd ever seen. And I remember just looking at those trees in pure awe. Especially the white one, it lit up the whole room (and my eyes and senses) with it's red lights and red ornaments! Today I saw a few of these trees and loved them and then I remembered why... Grandma Ruby! I posted this memory and as it turns out most of my family remembers Grandma Ruby for her trees (among many other things) as well.

Roaming Ruby they use to call her. She was always on the go and always visiting from one house to the next. I remember playing board games and Grandma Ruby hitting our house (or whichever family members house was closest to the vicinity she was in at the time) to watch her soaps (All My Children) or the Tigers game and she would get mad if we were too loud while she watched her shows at our house. I smile as I say that because it's funny now.

Sweet memories can fill you up this time of year or you can fill yourself up with memories of past hurts. I choose to fill myself up with loving and happy memories. No matter the person, the situation or the place.

Wishing everyone White and Silver Twinkly Tree's and Sweet Memories!

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PS Sunflowers always remind me of Grandma Ruby as well, but that's another story for another time!

This is not Grandma Ruby, she would have been standing with a snow white beehive and black cat eye glasses;)

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Comment by Amy on December 13, 2009 at 1:02pm
Grandma Ruby was one of a kind!


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