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Growing With My Garden: no more 'settling' .. only the BEST 'seeds' for me

Just finished the latest post for 'Growing with my Garden'.  

I haven't been able to do any 'real' gardening for over a fortnight now, it's been so wet and rainy in London.  

But I have been planting 'seeds' - both in little pots indoors (herbs, and also, seeds for sprouting - and eating!) and also 'seed ideas' for my life, and new beginnings there too.

'Growing With My Garden' is one of my 'virtual seeds'.  It's a little project I started some time ago and never kept up.  I've re-started it now, and it'll be interesting to see how it develops - now I'm committed!

After all, I love gardening and I love writing, so it makes sense to create more joy in my life by combining both!

I live in a flat (apartment) with no outside space, not even a balcony.  So my allotment garden (a rented, small plot of land) is my little piece of nature.

I had noticed that what was going on in my 'allotment garden' often seemed to mirror what was going on in my life (metaphorically).  So, I am charting the synchronicities between my garden-life and my own life.

Although it's autumn now, and everything is dying down, I have already bought new seeds and I'm excited about planting them, when the rain eases off, and the conditions are 'right'.  

I've bought the 'best' (organic) seeds, from a trusted source, and I feel confident they will grow well.  I'm throwing out (or rather giving away) my old, non-organic seeds.  I'm not going to settle for what I don't really want anymore.  I'm not going to hang on to 'stuff' I don't want!

So, until the rain lets up a bit, and the seed-planting conditions are 'right', I am happy to dream of the beautiful 'garden' I am planning and will one day be physically sitting in, and enjoying. And I'm having just as much fun imagining it - before the manifestations!

If you love gardening, or writing too, I'd love you to take a look.  Or, I'll just see you here!  Or share and send me a link to pics of your garden or your blogs :-)

Anyway, happy gardening and 'growing' to you!

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Comment by Claire Gillen on October 26, 2012 at 6:57am

Awww Jilly, thank you!  You've made my day! :-)

Comment by Jill on October 26, 2012 at 12:33am

I hit the like button...



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