The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Guided mediation - I highly recommend them. Whether it's an MP3, CD, whatever. They're incredible. (Feel free to go to for some free ones here. Personally, I prefer the "mystical ones," as they help me to strike the abstract visuals of my mind and subconscious. But in general GM is an interesting experience worth your time, I'd say! ;)


Whew. Ok.. So now unto the (not so good) meaty stuff. Things have been really corresponding to my thoughts lately. (Just interesting and consistent "coincidences" that Esther calls "driftwood.") One thing I've noticed in this challenge... is that you will definitely see results (even if you think about something once a day for just 68 seconds) try it... be consistent... and boom. It doesn't take much for the Universe to say "well hello, there!" Heh... However, I've noticed something about myself... when things are clear (as in "neutral") with a goal... I tend to 'expect the worst' so that when it happens... I won't be disappointed. *ironic chuckle* Yeah... it doesn't work. Turns out, I ended up manifesting precisely what I worried about... against all odds... and at last minute, too! Just when I was getting comfortable... (So much for avoiding "disappointment," eh? <-- it's like shooting yourself in the foot! Hah)


What I am finding interesting is that, even though this obstacle wracked my nerves when I was hit with it... after soothing myself... I found myself embracing it. I sense a sort've structure to this so called "difficulty." It's consistent with another opportunity that I had wanted and aimed for (even though, it poses a HUGE and painful threat to something I *do* not want to let go of... I'm still seeing a subtle structure to the motion that is taking place... ) I turned to my guides and was told that they know me better than I know myself... so they assured me to relax, go with the flow, and all will flow into place without resistance. Since I've taken the advice, I've been able to "feel" the structure and sense more opportunities, as well.


I will keep my eye on the prize and learn to sharpen my focus.

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