The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So I'm just over half way through this 100 day challenge...

I am seeing some phenomenal changes, with myself and my relationships primarily. I LOVE ME. Huge deal, huge, massive, mega deal. I'm 33 and never loved myself before. From this space I can move forward - I can see what I want and I am more able to receive it. What I am receiving now from my relationships is beyond anything I dreamed possible. More than that, it is beyond anything I thought I deserved before and that is the key. Even if I had it before I wouldn't have been able to receive it, to see it, to FEEL it.

With regards to other aspects of my life - I can see more clearly what I want and more importantly that I deserve it, without justification or delay. I am worth it, period. And now is the time to claim it. Now is the time to get out of the head and take the positive inspired action necessary to receive. And this is still scary for me in this moment. Whatever this block is I am intentionally releasing it. I no longer choose struggle and old negative beliefs. Life is easy for me and I always choose the best with confidence and a lightness of spirit. I now ask for the courage to go with my convictions, the strength to take the steps necessary to fulfill my desires and the faith to keep believing in what's real no matter what it looks like on the outside!

To the next 50 days... CHEERS!!!!

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