The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So, no vlog today, I'm pooped...this instead. I had a good day, before going to bed last night my husband and I put our silly little spat behind us and decided to move on. We are both such stubborn people sometimes, in fact sometimes I wonder how God paired me with someone just as stubborn as I am.

Anyway, I didn't meditate before bed as I had planned, but I did make it to bed at a decent hour (earlier than it has been lately) and I slept very peacefully. I was however dragging because I slept so well and it was pouring rain outside, so I was a little late to class. Being late or rather not being late is something I need to work on and should perhaps add to the list, but I don't want to keep adding to it too much. Both my management and Spanish classes were entertaining, but Spanish is getting harder and harder with more rules to remember. I do think that it is a much simpler language than English in the way that it is spoken believe it or not. I also went to my hot yoga class afterward, I had hesitated about going but I knew I needed it. There were some painful parts since I had not been since last Monday, but afterward I felt so much better. If you've never tried hot yoga I highly recommend it.

In between classes while I was eating my nice big salad in the car for dinner (also in line with my intentions) I was listening to the Rabbi Shmuley show on Oprah xm. He was talking about how America is so unhappy these days and that we 3/4 of the world's anti-depressant medications. He went on to say something I thought was great "Happiness can never be a goal in life—it is the natural byproduct of a life full of purpose and meaning." Unfortunately, I had to get to class and didn't get to listen to the whole show, but I found the highlights at the oprah and friends website and I really felt they were worth sharing, because I think he's right:

- Stop focusing on your happiness. Focus instead on whether your life is full, rewarding and meaningful,
- Surround yourself with a structure of selflessness. Find joy in a life of service, he says. "Giving your love to people and focusing on others will naturally bring happiness into your life," he says. "Foster creativity, promote teamwork and mentor others—rewards and promotions will come along in due time."
- Bring spirituality into your daily life. Try meditating, attending church or praying, Rabbi Shmuley says. Spirituality doesn't always have to do with religion,"
- Spend more time "being" than "doing." "A great way to do this is spending time with your kids playing and goofing around and just enjoying spending time together,"
- Laugh at yourself a little. "Try not to be critical of yourself, and celebrate your everyday successes,"

So, today and every day if you can empower yourself and choose to live a full and meaningful life and happiness is sure to follow!

Headed to bed, on the list for tomorrow--lots of studying and maybe 1 box from the garage. =)

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