The 100 Day Reality Challenge


Today is my day 100 and WOW!!! How far I've come!!!

Here's my original intentions:

Start: June 17, 2010
Intentions & Goals:
1. to embrace this challenge 100% and post/video update every 5 days: I've posted about every 5 days I think! I have embraced this challenge totally and can't wait to start a new season!!!
2. do yoga everyday: I have been stretching and doing yoga every day!
3. manifest $10,000 in our emergency fund: still working on it!
4. manifest an f150 to trade the jetta in on with a payment less than $400 a month by june 30th: didn't happen, but i'm ok with that! there's a reason that will be revealed i'm sure!!!
5. complete a new ebook and website/blog about the law of attraction to create another stream of income. DONE!!! my internet sales have sky rocketed!!! it's not about LOA, but that's ok!!!
6. to complete 5 new victorian costumes for this season's dickens on the strand shop. 2 done, but i'm so busy with other orders, i've had to put this on the back burner for now!
all in all, this has been an amazing experience!!! i look back at the beginning of this challenge and i'm amazed at how much i've grown!!! the confidence that i used to have before i had kids is back and i'm so happy with me and my body!!! that's probably the hugest change!!!

my life is perfect for me! when i sit down to write my "new story" the only thing that i do "want" is the security of money. and that's happening!!! more and more is flowing to me and i know it! my internet sales are up, hubby is getting overtime and we both have secure jobs now with a steady income! that's such a huge change after owning our own business for the last 5 years! my kids are awesome and i get compliments on their behavior and manners all the time!!! i really have no complaints!!!

What do i want for the next 100 days??? stay tuned!!! i will start my challenge tomorrow maybe or i may wait until the first??? i don't know yet!!!

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