The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Not that it matters to me, I am working around the clock these days and I love it. I realize that although I am striving for a goal, that this part is the joy... so onward I go. Creating something high quality is my goal, so I need to eliminate haste.

In the meantime, I am going to shift a tiny bit of focus to other areas that are also very important. So tonight I will get myself completely organized to take a break and shift focus.

Here are my areas to work on:

1. Planting an organic garden. I have made arrangements to rent a tiller tomorrow and my sons and I will be tilling a very large garden area of virgin soil.

2. Reconnect with Friends

3. Plan an Easter Party

4. Move washer dryer from laundry room, switch sink and toilet locations to maximize my success energy and to transform that space in my house to a success magnet.

5. Do a dramatic make-over. The good news is that I have visited the hairdresser recently and I have been going to the gym. But everything needs polishing, trimming, waxing, buffing.... and I could use some new clothes. Or at least to go through my wardrobe and really figure out what is wearable and get rid of the rest. I really wonder where I get so many clothes from. I don't ever seem to go shopping. What I think it is is that I have decreased the amount of clothing storage space, always trying to declutter. ... Now I need to reevalute who I really am today and what I need and want to wear. I mean, I have tons of great high healed shoes and I never go anywhere, AND I have a gravel driveway. Now after back problems, the only shoes I wear are my sketchers shape ups.

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Comment by Elaine on April 1, 2011 at 9:14pm
Sorry, I don't see where to edit. I don't know what crazy capitalization school of thought I follow.

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