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Dear lovely co-creators!!!

I am so overwhelmed by the events which happened during this and the past week!!! I went to a city with the intention to see a special person. I drove there, parked my car, stepped out of the car AND there this person just walked in front of me!!!! Just like that!!! IN EXACTLY THIS SECOND!!! I still wonder and cannot believe that this really happened but it did!

Then I spent a wonderful and amazing weekend with a new friend of mine and we enjoyed ourselves sooooo much!!! It was just GREAT!

On tuesday was my birthday and I had a great night before it and could celebrate into my birthday which was fabulous.

When I came home to my parents house after a lovely day in Hamburg, I found a surprise at home: My sister invited my new dating-friend who was waiting for me...I was so surprised and astonished that I did not know if I should be happy because my mother had drunken too much that night and it was quite embarrasing for me because she was really drunk and my new "boyfriend" did not know me or her for a long time...And I was just embarrased. It was a strange and weird situation to see my mother like that but apart from that it was so great that he was there!!!! Even though I was a bit ashamed, he did understand and assured me that there would be nothing to worry about and that we are all human beings and sometimes we drink too much...

And there happened so much more right now..

Is this a good sign?

I hope to find the time to meditate today because I missed it within the last week...But now I really need it to calm me down.

Have a great time everybody! I am sending you much LOVE!!!


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Comment by Gloria Bolton on January 14, 2013 at 12:51pm
Wow! Thank you for sharing Anna! I Love to hear about times when the unbelievable happens! It is exhilarating that this person just walked up :D happy birthday, and congrats on having a great time with your new guy. He sounds sweet :) and finally remember, nothing that we worry about matters :D Love and Joy to you Anna :)
Comment by Sophie COLAS on December 14, 2012 at 7:39pm
Take care of you Anna.
Sorry that I missed your birthday.

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