The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Happy New Year To My Precious Fellow Co-creators Around The World - Day 61 - Season 2 YYYYes!!!!

YYYahoo 2009 and its a gorgeous morning here in Christchurch New Zealand we had a lovely night last night my daughters band played here in Christchurch I managed to take some lovely photos and catch up with family & friends that came along to enjoy the music & dancing ( I must say the body is a wee bit tender this morning hehehe!!! ) Today I'm reviewing the intentions of my 100 day challenge and all is going quite well if I must say so myself I'm attracting appreciation patience & respect into my life more & more I guess the fact that I am practising these attributes within my relationships helps heaps ( what you sow you reap- & LOA ) I'm offf to Corsair Bay again today I know that I am very lucky & blessed that I live in such a Gorgeous country I am grateful take care my dear friends love & blessings to you all Arohamai SoniaJ & family HHHHHHHHHHHappy New Year xoxoxox

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