The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I was going through my favorites folder in IE and ran across the CCOR site. I thought to myself, "Wow, it has truly been a very, very long time since I've visited. So long in fact, that I believe I need to start from ground zero.

So, very much has happened that has clouded my belief in...well, anything. It's amazing how quickly one can go from being this extremely happy, positive individual, to being an Eeyore, for lack of a better term. I was raised to be a negative individual, to see things with a cloud over my head. For a very brief moment, I found nirvana (?) because I was truly happy. world came crashing down around my ears....

On May 19th my mother, my best friend, passed away. She has ALWAYS been a part of my life, whether she lived with me or not, she was always THERE. I feel as if there's a huge whole in my Universe right now and no matter what I do, I cannot fill it. Maybe that's why I came back here. On May 18th, I was on my way to pick her up from the nursing/rehab facility that she had been in after surgery on her leg. She had been there for 3 months. I was literally around the corner and the nurse calls and says there's a problem with my mother. I get there in 2 seconds and I see my mother having a massive stroke. She went from making this horrible noise with tears in her eyes and losing all motor control, to dying within 13 hours of the onset of the stroke. My world is shattered. It's been a little over a month since she's been gone and I have completely lost it. I am surrounded by people, however I am utterly alone.

There has been so much financial upheaval during this time that it's no wonder that I haven't completely broken down yet. I noticed that since my outlook has been so bleak, this is when everything is falling apart. Since we have been so financially strapped, I'm trying to sell my graphics designs. Everyone tells me I'm good, I think I'm good ( I know that's detrimental to my success) and nothing is happening. Perhaps I'm not marketing the right places. I'm great at making stuff for others, but when it comes to marketing myself? Yeah not so much....

Anyway, if anyone can offer advice or suggestions on how to recapture myself, that would be awesome. Oh and if you need a custom graphics design, flyer, business card, logo, anything, I can do it...prices are so reasonable right now it's almost funny. Email me if interested...

Thanks! And most definitely Blessed Be!

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