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Having An Open Heart and Working the Heart's Desire Process

Last winter I was introduced to CCOR where I began to get a glimpse of the LOA was all about. I became fascinated with the likes of Abraham Hick's, Louise Hay, Carolyn Myss, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and more. I would hardly say I was an active site participant my first season. I didn't write many blogs, made no video blogs, and I didn't even create a vision board. What I did do though was read – many many many books on the subject of creative manifestation and self growth , and listen to a lot of Hay House Radio. I like to think I was in a cocoon for the last 8-9 months!

Anyways, it was here that I first stumbled upon a vague mentioning of a woman named Sonia Choquette. Someone mentioned her book Heart's Desire. I decided to check it out, and haven't looked back since. In fact I have read and loved every single one of her 14+ books, learning about intuition, lessons of the soul, chakras, spirit guides, and how to tone down the ego in promise of living from the higher self. I really have an affinity with Sonia, her style of teaching is inspiring, accessible, and warm. I use her oracle cards daily, and have even had a personal reading with her.

I will be using this Open Heart Season to work through the 9 principles of her mentored Hearts Desire Workshop.
I couldn't think of a more better way to be an active participant, and to stay in line with the process.

In Your Heart's Desire, Sonia introduces nine universal principles for transforming one's life, offering practical advice, specific exercises, and modern-day parables designed to help readers reach their fundamental dreams.
Read Excerpt from Your Heart's Desire

1. Focus your desire.
2. Send clear messages to your subconscious mind. Repeat them and make sure they are positive.
3. Deeply imagine realizing your goal. Do it in detail.
4. Establish order in your physical environment.
5. Open yourself to your intuition. Become aware of synchronicity, etc.
6. Rein in impulsive behavior.
7. Honor the power of your words. Say what you mean.
8. Persist in your dream.
9. Surrender to divine power and allow the universe to do the rest.

Please feel free to join me along the way. I need all the believing eyes I can get :)

P.S Lilou has some great video clips of Sonia Choquette, and you can hear her on Wednesday afternoon on All her books are terrific and can be found on Amazon. I will stop gushing now :)

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