The 100 Day Reality Challenge

A slow period of time can feel like nothing new will happen and nothing will change. I have a cute little desk that I sit and do my video editing. On a few occasions, I zone out through the same copy and paste days wondering when will I break free. As if I trapped in a cage (truly I'm not dramatic) which I am clearly not. Life is good.

This year I'm striving like a baby bird learning to fly. I flop down and down but I have to keep my head up. Literally, staring a computer screen is very hypnotic for some reason. Some moments I blink and realize I've been daydreaming for a good 5 minutes.

Last week I started networking with a potential job lead. He said he will get back soon so my fingers are crossed and so are my toes. My passport is ready for any new adventure. I'm ready to scramble through the subway to catch my train. Mostly, I'm so ready for more human connection in person besides FaceTime with friends. Anyone else doing anything new lately?

Peace- Stacey

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