The 100 Day Reality Challenge

So to really focus on what our heart's desire we must first focus on what it is that already brings us joy. Here are a few more of my favorite things.

I love classical music at just the right time.
I love meeting people who become soul family. You just mesh.
I love old friends who remind you of all that you have endured, and the laughs along the way.
I love New England.
I love Autumn walks along the coast while all the leaves are changing colors.
I love going to the movies on a rainy day.
I love that my hairdresser knows how crazy I am, but still listens and loves me anyways.
I loved being sooo close to my nana, and I love being sooo close to her spirit.
I love all she taught me.
I love driving on country roads and getting lost.
I love thinking about me one day owning a horse.
I love slipping on a cashmere sweater when the days are getting shorter and the nights a little cooler.
I love hanging out at the Museum of Fine Arts on a Saturday when no one knows where I am.
I love watching my neighbor's belly grow in anticipation of the little blessing on the way.
I love daydreaming of my mini convertible and my golden retriever who will be called Zen.
I love still playing dress up – I will never outgrow expressing my mood through clothes and makeup. You have got to dress up for your spirit. Treat it like the divine guest it is.
I love Pumpkin Chai Tea.

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