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Help for Mario

I am asking for prayers and good thoughts for a dear friend.  He has traveled half way around the world with nothing, from Nicaragua, to Costa Rica, to Panama, to Amsterdam, and finally to Hong Kong.  All this from the goodwill and generosity of others.  He has a great business opportunity before him and needs $1500 dollars to survive 3 weeks in mainland China, before he can get a VISA to return to Hong Kong, do his business deal, which will net him the money he needs to have the medical procedure in Hong Kong he needs for his diabetes.  This is a Spiritual matter.  Positive thoughts, prayers, and connection with the Greater Good and Infinite Power that we are all connected to is all that is needed.  Your spiritual energy in this regard is much appreciated and I give humble thanks, blessings, and gratitude to all of you for your help now.  It is done.  Many Thanks. 



                                              "Laughter, Joy, Pleasure, and to be of Service to others." 

                                                            That is all we have ever needed. 


Great Blessings upon you all, humble thanks, and kind regards. 



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Comment by Elise Wilder on March 20, 2011 at 10:36pm

I am sending him positive thoughts and love-filled energy!

(If you think Mario may be interested, Dr. Cousens just made a documentary of his journey of healing 6 Americans of Diabetes in his clinic in Arizona in 30 days by having them convert to a raw diet.  They were closely monitored and supervised.  The name of the movie is "Raw for 30 Days!)  (All 6 people were completely cured) (Type 1 and 2 Diabetes)


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