The 100 Day Reality Challenge

To say the last 8 days have been hectic would probably be an understatement!!

One of my children is in hospital and is likely to be there until the middle of next week so I've been in and out of the hospital (30 minutes away) every day, at first this seemed a big deal, now it's just part of my daily routine and much easier to manage than it was initially.

When I look back quite a bit has occurred over the past 8 days!

I'm not sure where things were at when I last posted but I have been nominated for the Australian Martial Arts Hall of Fame which is a bit of a big deal.

I attended a 1 day business event in the stunning Melb Convention Centre and got to catch up with a bunch of people from my Key Person of Influence Program. I had been meaning to reconnect but found myself putting it off in favour of just getting work done!

I attended another training day with the groups alumni and it was an absolutely brilliant day.

We have access to a program run by Shirlaws valued at $25,000 and we paid next to nothing for it and now for the next 6 months we will meet 1 day a month to learn new stuff then take the month to implement. Its going to be awesome, the value of this program (aside from $$ value) is immense. Our thinking was elevated from the get go.

I started a trial membership at a new gym (where I spend the other half of my life) that is much closer to home and I think I'll ditch my current membership and start going there. Door to door is 3 minutes, my current gym is 20 minutes away so the convenience factor is big.

I signed up for a 12 week challenge for the novelty of doing a program someone else wrote and also as part of the research I'm doing for my own online program. I'm looking forward to this starting in March and in the meantime I'm going to keep it simple and short and sweet in the gym.

Part of my goals this year was to really have a good understanding of my finances. I just leave everything up to my accountant and don't take much of a longterm view. I had just been thinking about calling my accountant for a planning session when she called me out of the blue.

She has been banging on at me to use Xero for ages and I kept dragging my heels because I was happy with letting her do everything :-) 

She has now offered to input all of this years and last years data into the system and train me on it free of charge - woo hoo!

She is also going to give me an hour of her time so we can plan ahead. She is keen for me to purchase real estate through my super and again I've balked at it thinking "I'll get around to it" but now I'm ready to step strongly into that space.

It has been a really rough few weeks but it seems the planets are aligning again and things are looking good for the weeks and months ahead.

Todays intentions are:

Be in flow

Stay in vision

My practices will be:






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