The 100 Day Reality Challenge

Our poor nanny has been off sick for over two weeks now which means that I have been spending a lot more time at home with the kids. At the beginning it was hard but we are finding more and more a more settled way to be together for so much time. And we are all loving having so much time together!

This has given me a chance to work on some things at home I have always been desperate to do but never had time or enery for. And I am not a lazy person - I hardly sit still because there js always something to do.

Even though my whole family was sick today with a tummy bug, I got so much done with the kids playing beside me or helping me with certain tasks. And they love helping me although they of course have their own idea of what help looks like :)

I am writing this because I usually forget how much I do in a day and then do not feel productive.

* Play time with kids - making felt mobile craft, duplo, playdough, etc.

* Naptime in front of TV with both kids on top of me :)

* Watched Hello, I am Doris - such a special film!

* Made and drank my lemon tea this morning and ate Strawberries and Blackberries for brekkie (fuel for night puking sadly).

* Made our beds really neatly, cleaned out all left stuff from bedroom, filled humidifier, dusted and swept the floor. Amazing how R came to sleep there a lot during the day and it was as if I knew he needed a clear and clean space to rest.

* Cleared out all toys from the lounge and sorted out the kids cupboard which was full of stashed stuff since months. How lovely to organise all the crafty stuff we have and be able to use it again. 

* Also kept all toys organised and stored properly throughout the day.

* Washed the bathrub and stuff in it that got all creamy from last nights bath. Hanged wet bath mats.

* Loaded the dishwasher and packed away washed dishes.

* Swept and cleaned the kids play area outside - of course all sorts of nooks that usually get left dirty. 

* Cooked lunch for me and the kids (even though thr kids hardly ate and mine didn’t digest until I threw up badly at night) - more than a sarmie and snacks! Pasta, frozen veggies, fishfingers, cheese. Desert - dried fruit and nut balls.

* Spayed the lounge carpwt with my natural mootie against the ants that want to clean up all the crumbs.

* Kids - brekkie, dressing, toilet runs, probiotics, tummy tea, nursing nursing nursing,  dinner, etc

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