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I found out that in homeopathy- they believe that the body's response is the correct response and gives treatment to the body that often mimic the symptom. I thought about that and that is so interesting! They believe that the body is always trying to go back to balance so they help the body to do so.

I thought about that as I sit here tired. I want to fight the feelings- but the fact is I have been going and going and going all day long- from the moment that i woke up at 6:40 am until now- I did not meditate- and work has been getting increasingly busier as time goes on with business cards- inside I feel worries- I feel stress- my head is starting to hurt. Usually i try to ignore these feelings and continue. Or I think that they shouldn;t be there. Well what if these feelings are suppossed to be there. Just like in homeopathy- the fact is that the body is always trying to go back into balance- so intead of saying that it shouldn't be maybe I will embrace these feelings. Look at them and see what it is trying to tell me. What I need to give the body in order for it to thrive and to restore to balance.

So many times I have thought that this shouldn't be happening- that I shouldn;t feel this way and try to continue denying it. But maybe I should stop. Stop and listen. What changes do I need t make to make the body mind spirit- feel more comfortable.

Maybe it's more rest, mediation, hmmm more organic food, seeing a natural doctor and taking herbs,

the only way I will know is if I listen. listen to these feelings of pain as well as take action and feel/listen for improvements. If there are improvements I know I am on the right path.

This is a new Journey I did not knowing that embracing that part of myself that causes me pain can be a huge signal, a huge burst of insight into showing me why I am hurting- and what I can change to make it not hurt. Whether that change is a thought, (most likely) a habit- ect.


Never saw it that way....


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