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You will need some basic supplies to make this Floral Essence


1 Clear Glass container

Measuring cup

Labels for jars

Permanent marker for writing date and essence


5-8 oz Honeysuckle Flowers without any green stems

5 oz Distilled or Spring water

2 oz Brandy or Vodka (I use only 1/4th brandy) or it can taste a little bitter.

*If you are a Reiki practitioner you can infuse the water and flowers with Reiki or sit the clear glass jar on a charging plate like I have shown in the picture above.

1. Allow to sit in direct sunlight for 5+  Hours in the glass container

2. Strain through cheesecloth

3. Place into dark bottles and add the brandy (this becomes your mother essence)

4. Shake to blend the essence

This will last up to 6 months. It could last longer but you will use it long before then :)

Place 4 drops under the tongue or in a glass of pure water. Use up to 4 times per day for healing purposes.

Positive qualities of Honeysuckle:

Being fully in the present; learning from the past while releasing it.

Patterns of imbalance it helps:

Nostalgia; emotional attachment to the past, longing for what was.

Time is the current of the incarnated soul. If it does not navigate the stream of time, it drowns in the past or parches its future possibilities. The soul needing Honeysuckle flower essence stifles life force and denies its true evolution by living too much in past events, places and relationships.

Such a soul needs more inner flexibility and adaptability. Rather than face the challenge of change, it clings emotionally to a past which seems to have been more appealing. This perception is usually an illusion; for example, a past relationship or an earlier phase of one's life can be glossed over with dreamy reverie, ignoring the actual pain and trauma that was part of the experience.

The lesson of Honeysuckle flower essence has to do with the soul's perceptive faculties; being able to learn from previous life experiences by seeing clearly their meaning and message. When this occurs, it frees the soul to grow and change, to experience life with intention and purpose, as an ever unfolding present and ever-possible future.

Honeysuckle is the Bach Flower Remedy that allows you to live in the present rather than the past.

The negative Honeysuckle state keeps a person "stuck" in the past - unable and unwilling to accept the changes of his or her present life, and expecting nothing good to come from the future.

This state generally takes one two forms:

First is the person who resists change and refuses to accept changes that come about through the continual flux of life. If there is to be a change, he wants to determine how and when that change will come about. And even then, he may not be happy with the results.

For instance, a couple who has moved to a new city or a new part of town may talk continuously of the old neighborhood and refuse to embrace the new. Thus it becomes impossible to make new friends or become accepted into the community.

We've all seen individuals who refuse to accept the advances of time - and continue to dress and act as if they did in youth. This often happens to those in the movie industry, whose careers rested on their good looks.

The Honeysuckle state is also apparent in those who have lost a spouse, but refuse to part with their belongings or move on to another relationship, even after years have passed.

These are the people for whom the past was better than the present, and they want desperately to hang on to it. They cannot learn from the experiences of the past nor can they integrate those experiences into the present.

Another form of the negative Honeysuckle state is evident when one has regrets about the past and cannot let them go. These individuals replay their missed opportunities and mistakes.

The Honeysuckle state is common and understandable in the elderly. They believe that no new experiences are coming, so they relieve better days of the past. Honeysuckle can be used to combat the regret that one is growing old, and the use of this Bach Flower Essence to relieve that regret can result in a more youthful look - particularly in the skin and in a person's bearing.

The Honeysuckle state can be temporary, as in children gone off to camp or school who are homesick.

This Bach Flower Remedy can relieve that anxiety and allow the child to gain full pleasure from his or her new experiences.

In a positive Honeysuckle state, one is able to connect to the past and learn from it - holding on to good memories and letting go of regret over poor ones. Writers who bring back the past for our enjoyment are living in a positive Honeysuckle state.

 from the 'Flower Essence Repertory', by Patricia Kaminsky and Richard Katz. The most comprehensive and user-friendly flower essence book we've found. Highly recommended for any practitioner.

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