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How I Would Need to Live the Rest of My Life...

Some days its worse, some days it's better. Today the lethargy and the headaches became so paramount and almost became unbearable. My eyes started to well up with tears when I thought about the life I used to live. How I used to take my health for granted. How I used to be able to run fine on little sleep and not sufficient nutrition. Not good, I know. I mourn the toll that the physical ailments have taken on my creative energy and vitality. But this is all useless, this is no good.

Dr. Michael Beckwith said, if we must live our lives in a condition (or state) which is much less than we had hoped for for the rest of our lives, what must we do to change our lives in order to live out productive, happy lives? It's a scary thought, but true. If I must live out everyday with debilitating headaches, brain fog, and lethargy, what must I do in order to live a productive and happy life despite these physical ailments? First, I would need to make peace with this condition. This does not mean that I would give up "healing" myself, but rather, just accept the condition for what it is. I certainly would need to allow myself the pleasure of sleep. I would need to give myself a lot of guilt-free sleep everyday. I would need to surround myself with positive people everyday, not people who criticize my beliefs (however unconventional they might be) or my lifestyle. I would need to make peace with those people, but not be consumed by them. I would need to eat better, not just sometimes, but for every meal. Every piece of food that entered my body would need to be healthy and nutritionally dense. I would need to drink water. LOTS of water, daily to help my body function properly and to flush out harmful toxins. I would need to pray and meditate frequently, to listen to that voice of inner truth. I would try everyday not to take anything for granted again. I would realize the importance of one's health and how ANYTHING can be taken from us instantaneously, people, family, love, possessions... I would truly learn to live in the moment, since you have little control as to how you will feel from one moment to the next. This is how I would live.

Quick Note: As I'm typing this, my Yogi Tea contains inspirational messages and the message on the tea is "Be happy so long as there is breath in you"

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Comment by D on May 19, 2009 at 11:57pm
(((((HUGS))) You are very strong. You will get where you need to go. You remind me of the story of the lady in the secret who overcame cancer. "Thank you for my healing..."
Comment by CreativeConqueror on May 6, 2009 at 4:39pm
Doesn't seem like a bad way to live.

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