The 100 Day Reality Challenge

How many books are in the world?

According to google and I’m sure this isn’t entirely accurate is 129,864,880.


Out of THOSE books…. I wonder how many reveal secrets that the MAJORITY of mankind is not even close to knowing the truth of?


I ask this…. To myself, even though it is in my blog, because I feel like Neville Goddard discovered some AMAZING truths that, from as far as I can tell, very few people are even aware of.


His discoveries, if I can call them that, to me, are the most AMAZING (I love using that word to describe my own discoveries) that I have ever come across.


Are there MORE and or BETTER books out there….. that are JUST as amazing?


What is “hidden” in the worlds books from most of mankind?


Do people really think they have all the information there is available to them to have life work out for them in THEIR FAVOR?


Do people think there is nothing of any importance in the books of the world? And by importance I mean information that would transform the world........ if the general public knew it.


What is there out there… and I’m not talking about books that are so complicated that you would have 10 degrees from Harvard to comprehend. I’m talking about books that REVEAL things that are so simple that ALL THAT IS REQUIRED is for us to BELIEVE something…. And that the BELIEF is all that is required to transform our lives.


I honestly feel as though I am EXPLORING UNCHARTERED TERRITORY….. and to me, at least, it is UNCHARTERED.


I believe 100% that people have discovered things about human beings that the majority of mankind, are not even aware of….. either because SOMEONE or SOME PEOPLE have decided it shouldn’t be revealed to everyone. So they just let people go on believing age old MYTHS…..


Life is not hard….. if you know a few secrets about it.


But are there books that people wrote that reveal those secrets that are just not available to the general public?


Do you think that is farfetched? Do you think n there is no way that, that is possible?


Do you think that there is a carburetor that gets hundreds of miles to the gallon but the “oil companies” bought it and won’t let us use it?


Do you think there are secrets within the governments that would blow most people away if they knew of them?


When you watch TV do you really believe you are just “watching” TV? Or do you realize you are being brainwashed or hypnotized with all sorts of propaganda do get you to buy things or do things?


Why do I ask these questions?


Because I have read some VERY REVEALING BOOKS.


And why don’t most people read them? Who has time to read or know WHAT or which book to read?


If there are 1.3 million books and most people haven’t read 100 in their life time….. what information is out there that we aren’t even aware of?


Where do I turn to know WHAT to read? Are there books that tell me that by thinking a certain way I can manifest ALL MY DESIRES?


You bet there is.


So what else is out there?


I hear and see people all the time “CLAIM” that they know everything there is to know. Of course I highly doubt it. I’m speaking of course “people” online on message boards, YouTube and such……


How can ANY of us know all there is to know (obviously not everything, but all we need to know)?


I could go on and on ….. but the reason I wrote this is because I KNOW THERE ARE BOOKS OUT THERE REVEALING SECRETS…..


I just wish I knew which ones they were….. all of them…..


THAT is what interests me…. What fascinates ME…. That is what drives me?


I don’t want to be around people that think we already know everything there is to know…..I’m an explorer…. I want to explore the mind…. I want to make a discovery that ONLY  A FEW HUMAN BEINGS EVER KNEW ABOUT…….


That is what I want to discover….. and I won’t be satisfied until I do. And I am SURE when I do wonder why so few people know it….

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Comment by David on April 29, 2011 at 8:37pm

"I also believe that a site like this can also bring you closer to making your discoveries. Bcoz we communicate with one another sharing information and BOOKS to read."




The internet has only been round for a little over 15 years which in the grand scheme of time isn't even a fraction of a second. Can you imagine how fast this world will evolve over the next 50 or 100 years now that information can spread so much faster than what it did even 20 years ago with just TV, radio and newspapers? I hope I live to see the day when the media no longer has the control over what we see and hear and its the people that control their own lives more than them.

Comment by Kay on April 29, 2011 at 8:21pm

Ask and it is given.... :o)

I too have wonder how many books there are in the world, and how many of them have the 'gems' we need/should know within them. I do believe though, that know should be BILLIONS and not millions (of books). I also believe that a site like this can also bring you closer to making your discoveries. Bcoz we communicate with one another sharing information and BOOKS to read.

Thanx David. :o) xxx

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