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How to make the Law Of Attraction work for you podcast by Lori Culwell.

I found this podcast from the Kelly Howell website. It's an interview with Lori Culwell the author of 'Wealth From Within'.
I think it is well worth listening to
here's the link
If the link doesn't work go to then click on 'Theatre of the Mind', on the right side you can 'search Episodes', scroll down to the date 03/04/2010

So, enjoy and I hope this enhances your life.
Lots of love, light and laughter.

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Comment by Erika Karlsson on June 1, 2010 at 4:20am
Thank you for sharing that! I fully understand what she says about the "energy metabolism", I know I have a slow one and get drained very easily. I will immediately start writing that list of things and people that give me energy!

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