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How To Overcome Your Fears - Notes from Patrick Wallace and Brian Tracy

NOTES ON OVERCOMING FEAR - by Vincent Alexander
Notes from Patrick Wallace

Fear is simply the anticipation of pain
"something that might happen to us in the future"

Fear does not exist, you just create the painful emotion that you are trying to avoid in the future

Fear can stop you from having or experience your dreams

Fear is the greatest killer of human poential.

Step #1 - Understand that Fear is not a tangible real thing. Fear is not happening.

Most of us - "The Fear Of Rejection"
Also the fear of embarrasing ourselves

Disconnect yourself from the Fear. Observe it rather then experiende.
Also STOP that thought. Cancel that thought that creates the feeling of fear
Stop thinking about yourself. "Why am I here" not just for me. I am here to give something to someone else.

Example: If I told you your child was in great danger, playing in traffic on the other side of the street, fear would not stop you from running through the traffic tot he other sid of the street to save your child. Becasue you are not thinking about yourself, you are thinking about saving your child. So when you get your mind on helping other people, you suddenly have lots of courage and fear does not stand in the way. Instead of focusing on the pain, you are focusing on the soluion. So you will go running down that busy highway to save your child.

So dont think about yourself, think about WHO am I here to help? Focus on the pleasure and benefit you are going to give someone else and then you will experience the good feelings and fufilment of helping other people.

The little voice in your head that say "you cant"

1. Dissocciate or disconnect
2. cancel that thought
3. make the fear ridiulous. Imagine some totally ridiculous play in your fear so you come to the conclusion that it is a ridiculous fear and that it will never happen so there is nothing to be afraid of.
4. Become aware of your emotion. What am I thinking right now and how am I feeling?
5. Focus on other people not youself.

Notes from Brian Tracy

Fear of failure is the greatest single obstacle to success in adult life.

But its not failure that holds you back. Its the fear of failure. The anticipation of failure.

Everybody has failed hundreds of times in life, but its when you become too careful of failure that you sabotage your goals.


Instead, overcome yoru fear of failure by taking the time to IDENTIFY, DEFINE, and ANALYZE your fears.

A. Take a clean sheet of paper and write down at the top "What Am I Afraid Of?"
B. Then make a list of your fears and select the one that you think holds you back the most.
C. With your biggest fear in mind, write the answers to these three questions:
1. How does this fear hold me back in life?
2. How does it help me? Or how has it helped me in the past?
3. What would be my payoff for eliminating this fear all together?

Identify the fears that are holding you back, and then instead of moving away from them, move toward them. Instead of avoiding them, confront them. Eventually, you reach a point where those fears no longer play a major role in your decision making.

And the amazing thing is, that if you do the thing you fear, the courage comes afterwards.

And you can set big challenging exciting goals and be confident that you can attain them.

You can become UNSTOPPABLE!

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Thankyou for sharing this!!! :) xx

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