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How to Psyche Your Way to Wealth,Success and Your SubConscious Mind

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How to Psyche Your Way to Wealth,Success and Your SubConscious Mind

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to attract success ?
Perhaps you've wondered why you've tried hard to get ahead for
years and still you are not as successful as you feel you should be.
Have you stayed in the same job and watched others surge far ahead
of you? Do you frequently have problems making ends meet? Are you
unhappy with your present job? Do you feel you were cut out to do
something else? Do you want to make a change, but don't know to what?
Are you tired of having financial problems? if so, read on.
The first step to success is to prepare your mind so it will be able
to accept change. You have to convince your mind that you will be
successful.. Wealth is a state of mind! You have to absolutely
believe with your heart and soul that you deserve to be successful.
This means you have to really believe and that means more than just
giving the idea lip service.
True belief comes from deep inside your core. You have to convince
your subconscious mind before you can convince your conscious mind.
Your subconscious mind will only believe what you feel is really true.
If you have any doubts, your subconscious mind will doubt also. You
have to find something that you can truly believe in. You certainly
can't trick your mind into believing you are rich and successful
when you are out of work and about to be evicted from your home.
Your affirmation must be one that is believable to your subconscious
mind. Your mind cannot except something it knows is not true.
You need to find something believable before you begin your
transformation into a wealthy and successful individual. Your
subconscious mind is very creative and never can run out of ideas
of different things for you to do or think. Your mind is a storehouse
of ideas. If you plant a seed in your subconscious mind and leave it
alone it will grow. Don't interfere with that growth with bouts of
negativity and doubt. Think of your subconscious mind as a bank and your
positive thoughts as deposits and your negative thoughts as withdrawals.
Obviously the more deposits you have, the more you will have to invest.
Every night before you go to sleep deposit some wonderful positive
thoughts into your account. For example, say to yourself, "I will have
the money necessary to meet my bills. That which I need will be there
when and as I need it. I will have peace, happiness and prosperity.
mind will show me the way to achieve positive results from my talents.
The road to wealth and success will open." Repeat these statements in
the morning as well.
The more you dwell on positive thinking and achieving wealth and success,
the quicker you will get some positive results. If you go through life
making statements like, "I can't pay my bills. There is never enough money."
You are attracting negativity to you. Your subconscious mind will see your
statement as a wish and will fulfill that wish. These types of negative
statements said over and over again act as affirmations. How can you hope
to ever be successful if you are constantly defeating yourself?
Are you one of those people who complain all the time about never having
enough money to do anything? Do you always complain about never having enough
time? Are you always struggling? Are you always in debt? Are you jealous of
those who have wealth and success? Are you envious of others? Do you say
critical things about those people? For example, "He has some racket going
for himself, everything he touches turns to gold.." Etc. These negative
thoughts detract from your ability to succeed. We must all be happy for
another's good fortune. When you feel joy in the success of others, you
will attract the same energy to yourself. Please catch yourself every time
you feel envy or dismay at another person's achievements. Every time you do
this, stop and immediately say over and over again to yourself, how overjoyed
you are and that you wish that person only greater success. You will be
surprised because as you say it , you will actually begin to feel it. When
you feel this joy for another, you will sense a strong feeling of over-all
well being.
Once you understand the power of your subconscious mind, you will be able
to use that power to achieve your goals. When you have set your mind in the
right direction, nothing will get in the way of your success. You will be
able to overcome all obstacles. Your mind must be totally convinced that lots
of money will always come to you. You must truly know that you will be
successful and always attract money. People who constantly complain that
money is the root of all evil will never have money. This bad concept has to
be changed in order to achieve financial success. These people have to develop
the right attitude about money. I have heard some say , "I don't like money
but I like what it can buy." How about saying, "I love money! I am never
without money. Money is always available to me." Negative thinking about money
and those that have wealth impedes the flow of wealth to you. You are actually
condemning the very thing you want for yourself. Please be happy for those who
have all that you wish to attain.
Be wise. Affirm your wisdom. Keep saying again and again that the wisdom you
seek will be there for you. Remember you to affirm the attainable. You cannot
fool your subconscious mind. As you learn to have a positive outlook towards
yourself and others, the way to achieve your goals will be there for you.
Let's talk about the steps to success. Do you know what you want to do? Is
something you are able to do? You cannot be a brain surgeon without going
to school. You cannot be a great artist without the talent and training.
Remember also that practice makes perfect. If you are a brain surgeon, it
is not enough to train and work as one, but you must constantly keep abreast
of the latest finds in the field. People who are successful in any field
constantly study and learn about others in the same field. It is not enough
to attain your goals, but one must keep
up with new developments and ideas
to stay in the game. If we allow it, our subconscious mind will reveal to us
our true vocation. If you are lost, tell your subconscious mind to please solve
this problem for you.
What is the meaning of success? Do you measure someone's success in terms of
money or fame? There are many different answers to this question. How about
living an over all successful life? How about happiness, peace, or love? There
are tangible and intangible successes. Take a moment and stop and think about
this, and I'm sure you will say that you want both the tangible and the
intangible successes in your life. There are different types of security,
financial for one, and how about emotional? It is important that you not let go
of these intangibles when you begin your quest for the tangible successes.
When you discover the things you love to do and are capable of doing, you must
then find the way to do them. You achieve success when you love to do the things
you do. Keep in mind that you must do it very well and never stop trying to do
it better, that is true success.
Real success is more than just making money, there is true success when you also
have peace of mind. You need to have spiritual and mental growth along with your
financial growth. Have you heard the expressions, "I wanted it so badly I could
see it, taste it and smell it even before it happened." Some people visualize
something happening over and over again, and don't stop until it happens. Many
believe in the power of prayer. They pray every night for their wish to come true.
The subconscious mind then brings it about. Many successful people have used the
power of their subconscious mind to achieve their goals. It is very important for
you to learn how to use your power.
If you can concentrate and see what you want very clearly, your subconscious
mind will set in motion the steps needed for this wish to come true. Have you
heard the expression, "He will never be successful, he's just a dreamer." We
all have the ability to dream. The trick is to pick a dream that is achievable
and concentrate on making that dream a reality.
If you have in mind a particular job position, the first thing you can do is
imagine yourself in that job. See yourself sitting at the desk, on the phone,
having meetings, etc. Act as though you ARE and you WILL be. See this vision
over and over again and you subconscious will look for ways for you to get that
job. Never sit on your imagination. It is a valuable and powerful tool when
used correctly.
If you have problems that you have not been able to solve, see yourself solving
those problems. Imagine any scenario that works for you. Do you believe in angels?
Imagine your guardian angel talking with you and telling you how to solve your
problem. If that is too way out for you, substitute a person whom you hold in high
regard, for the angel. Try it and see how it works for you. Remember everything
you imagine happening must be very realistic and clear. Remember, nothing happens
over night. Many trees can take quite a bit of time to bear fruit.
You must remember to relax when you work on your subconscious mind. You can't
push ideas through. You must feel peaceful and calm. It is impossible to
concentrate if your mind is jumping all over the place. Your mind has to be
relaxed in order to receive the messages you are planning to send. You use your
conscious mind to tell your subconscious mind to relax and prepare to receive
messages from your subconscious. It takes conscious thought to be aware of, and
to awaken the power within your subconscious.
Once you feel that you are sufficiently relaxed, you can send your message to
your subconscious mind. This message can be in the form of words, or even a
visual picture of what you want. You must be perfectly clear in expressing your
desire, your idea, even if you send this message in the form of a visualization.
Once you have conveyed the message to your subconscious mind, see it actually
happening. You have to believe without any doubt that your wish is viable.
For example, you can't wish to be twenty years old when you are actually forty.
Your subconscious mind has to know that the idea can be turned into a reality.
Consciously tell your mind to please fulfill your request in the best manner
possible and as soon as possible.
Practice makes perfect. Don't give up. Stay positive and focused. It is easy
to be positive and focused when all is going your way. I know it is hard to do
so when all is going against you and you feel you have always hit one obstacle
after another. When it is the darkest, that is when your visualization and focus
is most needed. Being able to overcome the difficult times and still hold on to
your dream, separates the winners from the losers. When you have your mind set
on an achievable goal and you have learned what you needed to learn and have set
things in motion, you have a true shot at success. The strength you will have
gained from overcoming adversity will be invaluable in all you choose to do in

"Remember Today was Yesterday's Tomorrow".. Today is a Gift.. that's why they call it the "PRESENT"
Love Kell:)-

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