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Hypnosis for changing thought patterns

I stumbled upon a site with hypnosis downloads and decided to try a few. The first ones are a test, but if they work well I plan to get lots of them, just like I did with the Brainsync and the subliminal messages.

I have experienced so many benefits from listening to meditations and subliminal recordings. It is clear that my life has improved dramatically and many habits have changed and circumstances altered.Finally understanding and believing all these good things about myself makes it really clear to me how badly I thought about myself before. In my case it was beyond self-hatred, it was self-indifference. This is not a "good" thing, by any means but I am excited to work with it.- if I could do what I have done up to now, I will be able to see this whole thing through to the other side.

What that means is learning to master my mind, to quiet my mind to feel relaxed and at peace. Something that I have a hard time doing even laying comfortably in my be listening to my meditations. This is the area I hope to help with the hypnosis- kind of like a helpful push in the right direction to assist my other efforts in being effective.

Since I spend most of my time working, then try to get a little bit of exercise, prayer, and meditation, I don' t have much spare time in the day to read and study

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Comment by SarahC (bujababe) on March 4, 2009 at 10:06pm
Hi there, You also just remeinded me of a subliminal site that I was using ....I can't remember the name, anyway, like u I actually think when I was working with the subliminal technology it had a huge impact on my life, which since that time has undergone significant change and continues to, thanks so much for your blog, I will look up Brainsync and if I can remember,reconnect with the website I was using before I will let you know too, cheers, Sarah.
Comment by Lil Miss Starlight on March 1, 2009 at 5:48am
I love hypnosis recordings too. I had to write a comment here, because just yesterday I was thinking that I haven't listened to one in a looong time, and I used to listen to them every day for a few months last year. So maybe it's a sign. The one I found that worked the most powerfully for bringing changes into my life was 'Cosmic Ordering Connection' by Stephen Richards. Haven't heard of Brainsync yet....may have to look it up. Let us know how you go with them ♥

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