The 100 Day Reality Challenge

I intend to continue on the path, I intend the bliss,the pride,the joy of saying "I'm doing it, I did it and I kept on going, and I'm still going". I intend to relish this new experience of constant clarity and peace I'm so beautifully grateful to be an active, daily participant in the unfolding of my most fit,sexy body. I am. I am so grateful for sobriety that is easy,sobriety that is joyous, sobriety that feels more sweetly,blissfully intoxicating than drinking ever was. I am so grateful to be in such a blissful fulfilling,nourishing, breathtakingly source fueled relationship with myself. I am so grateful to be the watcher. I fully intend to stay on the path. I am so grateful for my new job,I love the flow of the calls,the staff,the work itself,the people. I do  fantastic job, all my bosses and managers appreciate my input,my talents and skills,how thorough,thoughtful and skillful I am. my work is interesting and fulfilling,my days flow with ease. thank you. 

I am so grateful to be living my metamorphosis, to see the light rushing through my cocoon to feel the fresh air on my skin and the sunlight in my eyes and to be able to say "oh yeah baby I'm here and I can fly, to taking off on my new wings and soaring! To be a shining example of self love and discipline. to be open and new, wiser and more beautiful. To be powerfully sexy in spirit and body from Yoni to third eye and back again! to staying tapped in,tuned on and turned all the way up!!! and with this I feel complete ashe,amen, hallelujah blessed be!

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