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I am back and ready to give my life a overhaul.

Hi everyone.

I am not at my best at this moment. I have to go somewhere early tomorrow and will be running on little sleep but I wanted to go ahead and get this first blog post in to get myself started.

It looks like the guy that I have been dating and I might not work out... I wll tell the story of our demise some other time and occasion but let me just say that I really loved him and so did he love me.
But still it is not working out and I am not getting what I want or need.

I need to rebuild my courage and faith. I have been lingering in this relationship for a while, knowing that I wish things were different. Now I need to have the courage to move on and the faith that there really is the right love for me out there.

This is hard because I felt he was the one. He could have been. I go around and around in my head about trying to rebuild, and abandoning the whole thing. The trouble is that I love him. That is always my trouble in relationships but I need to get over it.

Ok. More tomorrow. Thank you to anyone who reads this. I will be better.

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Comment by AlGee Ol'Bambo on July 10, 2010 at 7:01am
Hi Elaine, might you want to listen to this: Maybe it would help you in some way. May you find the GRACEFUL gift embedded in every situation you find yourself. May happiness track you down, unfailingly, soonest!!!!!

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