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I am getting clarity on my dream career! + some lovely gratitude (S2, D12)

So, got a fantastic insight pop into my head today about my career....... I have decided to start my own business NOW without waiting until I am qualified or more experienced or until I have more money etc....

The realisation came this morning while I was reading "Secrets of Female Entrepreneurs exposed!" It got something really clear to me. So many of the women in the book had no business, management or financial skills behind them when they started their business. Often they just had an idea of something was missing in the market and they felt passionate about it so they made it happen. They weren't necessarily qualified in their field nor did they have large amounts of start up cash. Many started off at home and continued working while they built their business. I for some reason had thought I would have to quit my current job to do what I wanted, but now I think I will just start gradually working on my plans outside of work and let it grow slowly. So, that is the first step. I have made the decision. At the moment I am doing research into the market I want to enter to see if there is gaps for the products and services I want to provide. I am researching my competition and getting really clear on what exaclty i want to do, and what will set me apart from others. It is very exciting!!!!!

Also, I got a call today to say I had been offered an apartment!!! Can you believe it! It is in my dream suburb in a beautiful location and it is a gorgeous place..... however, my housemate and I decided to decline because we feel it is a bit small for us. We don't just want a good apartment...we want a GREAT apartment. So, we are going to keep looking, but I just want to say TTTTTTHHHHAAAAANNKKKK YYYYOOOUUUU beautiful beautiful universe for offering me a chance to live in a lovely apartment in my dream suburb. Aaah I am so grateful!!! It is such a good sign that I am attracting what I want!!!!

Here are a few other things I am really grateful for from today...

I am grateful for the fact that the sun was shining on my way to work today
I am grateful that my boss was really helpful and supportive today
I am grateful for the beautiful message my friend sent me this morning telling me they loved me
I am grateful for my mum who cooked me a yummy vegetarian curry with wild rice for dinner
I am grateful for the warm, cosy office I got to sit in when it started raining outside
I am grateful for the existence of the CCOR community
I am grateful that I have my very own computer which functions perfectly for me to type my blogs on
I am grateful for the abundance in the universe that surrounds me each day
I am grateful for my wonderful books that help me gain knowledge and receive insights
I am grateful for my yoga mat
I am grateful for my amazing mind, my fabulous body and my beautiful soul
I am grateful for my life and for my ability to be alive to experience the joy of this existence

Thank you xxxxxx

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Comment by Kevin Casey on June 30, 2009 at 11:32pm
That's awesome about your career, go for it! Those are the best moments, when you decide upon an epiphany to just go for something right now!! you are and will continue to be successful!! :D
Comment by Christine on June 30, 2009 at 11:09am
That's great to hear! Good luck in starting up your business. It is a gradual process, taking it one step at a time. Congrats on making the decision! Many blessings!

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