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I set forth the intention of finding the perfect home for my family!  I release any resistance I have toward finding this home and toward jumping on the opportunity!  I know we will find a home that we feel happy and comfortable in.  We feel safe and secure with the location and layout. 


**Visualizing our home as if I already have it.**  I will mentally walk through it and feel how awesome it is that we live here!


The kitchen is AMAZING.  I knew when I saw the home that I had to cook in this kitchen.  It's big and open and inviting.  I love the island and how the kids can be sitting there talking to us while we are making dinner or vegan cakes!  At night, Jesse and I make thai tea or chai tea lattes.  Sometimes Britty or Bryan will join us, but that's usually only if there is cake or coconut tapioca!   


The bedrooms are big and the kids LOVE their rooms!  They even each have their own bathroom!  The master bedroom is beautiful and open with a walk in closet.  

Our master bath has a large and deep jetted tub that we love.  I always put candles around the bath and add in lots of lavender and bubbles at night before bed.  





Update!!!  I never finished this post from the other day because I was busy working and house hunting.  This had been the first time I really sat down and focused on the feeling of being in the new home.  Odds were unlikely we'd find one right away, so I figured I'd start manifesting actively!!  WELL....  We may have found our home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The owner chose US and we just need a final approval, which is in the works.  Funny thing is, it is SO similar to what I posted about above...  even the kitchen colors.  (Sunken in master jetted tub, large bedrooms, a fireplace...)  I had not even gotten around to writing about the rest of the room or the yard!!  LOL!  


Posting a "pre-paving" post like this has been very successful for me in the past.  Doing it in a journal has helped too.  It seems that whatever I write about, post about, spend time FEELING the results of getting it...  arrives in my life.  I have learned to not give any energy to being "surprised" or "shocked" at this because those feelings hold some resistance.  I want to EXPECT the best and keep it all coming at a steady rate. 


I will wait to see if the final approval goes through for this home.  It WILL happen if this is the best place for me right now.  **cheers**  I am very excited for it all and will continue to map out my future and create my best life!! 



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Comment by Candi on April 5, 2011 at 2:36pm

Hi again, Jilly!

I love those lavender fields!!!  I'd love some of your lavender with your energy in it too!  ;)  Jay was totally right:  IT IZ DONE!!!!!!!!  We got the place and I will send you my new address as soon as I am able to receive mail there!  


This place will have lilacs in the spring/summer... I wish I could mail you some!  lol!  :) 


Thank you for your other message.  That was sooo nice to hear from you.  ;)  <3

Comment by Jill on April 4, 2011 at 1:07am

Oh heck just send me the address and I will send on the Lavender for that hot tub experience. I have it right here and I just need you to send me your address for the new house. You do remember I live in the Lavender capital.

I was so taken by the title of your blog Candi "I am Home". Here is a sign that I have hanging in my kitchen. Your title reminded me of it.

I agree with Jay and I ditto his reply...It IZ DONE!!!

Sending you so much love it is overflowing all over my kitchen floor....Huge Hugs, J

Comment by Candi on April 1, 2011 at 12:47am
Thanks!!!  You are awesome!!  I'm glad you found me here on CCOR!  I need more places to come and say HI to you!  :) :)

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