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I am removing the blocks...Continued. Thanks Darin

Darin gave me a great idea about removing the negative with a power shower. I revised that and I am getting money, happiness and love rained down on me. As I am standing in the shower I thank the Universe for showering, money, love, happiness and prosperity on me. With each drop of water it washes away the negative fears that are blocking me from what I truly desire. I also wrote a full page of my fears. Over the top of that I wrote I love myself.Thanked the fears and released them. I then burned the paper and told myself that I love mysef. I wanted to do the fears in color but did not have any. So later if I still feel the desire I will go get some markers or crayons from the store. I feel so blessed and so much lighter.


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Comment by Darin Hubbard on April 30, 2009 at 12:46pm
Thanks Laurie for the credit, I just like to share what I read if I feel it is worthy of helping others as well for myself. It's powerful when everybody feeds off each others positve energy. Have a blessed day.

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