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I am so Grateful my Manifestation came True

I am SOOO grateful. I had intended on manifesting $1k by Friday, and it came today (Thursday). Out of the blue, on a project I was working on. I did not expect to be paid yet. The guy was so happy he said, you are so great, I will cut you a check today...and it was for over $1k...

I had been meditating every day for 30 min, using this program by Dick Sutphen. I recommend just about all of the tapes on this site. The program is Called Becoming Successful . Then I also write my intentions for the 100 days every day, for 15 min.

If you are looking for another stellar mediation that is over 1hr long, this one Soul Quest is my Fave. I listen to the 20 min one during the week and this hour one on weekends.

It has really helped me focus on positive outcomes during the day.

Now on to a bigger manifestation for June building on this success today.

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Comment by Miracle Maker on May 31, 2012 at 9:24pm

Super like....thank you for sharing this!

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